Delivering sound solution to Musikhuset in Denmark

Sound Solution to Musikhuset, Århus

Optimum speakersystem delivered to Vega

Vega in Copenhagens profits from a better speakersystem from AudioExperts

Speakersystem with great performance created for Vejle Musikteater

Improved loudspeaker system to Vejle Musikteater


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A selection of jobs done...
in order to create better sound and better communication perception:


  Job subject: Place: City: Country:  
  Speakersystem Vershuset Næstved Denmark  
  Speakersystem PitStop Kolding Denmark  
  Speakersystem Torvehallerne Vejle Denmark  
  Speakersystem Vega Frederiksberg Denmark  
  Speakersystem Maestro Helsinki Finland  
  Speakersystem Kafe Kurt Larvik Norway  
  Speakersystem Energi Mølla Kongsberg Norway  
  Speakersystem Scene Vest Oslo Norway  
  Speakersystem / Acoustics Allbrukshuset Larvik Norway  
  Speakersystem Storsalen, Rotunden Trondheim Norway  

Multi Cultural Houses

  Job subject: Place: City: Country:  
  Speakersystem Musikhuset Århus Århus Denmark  
  Speakersystem Vejle Musikteater Vejle Denmark  
  Speakersystem Viften Rødovre Denmark  
  Speakersystem Vendelbohus Hjørring Denmark  
  Speakersystem Det Kgl. Bibliotek, Diamanten København Denmark  
  Speakersystem Sentrum Scene Oslo Norway  
  Speakersystem Lenvik Kulturhus Finnsness Norway  


  Job subject: Place: City: Country:  
  Speakersystem Folke Teatret København Denmark  
  Speakersystem Svalegangen Århus Denmark  
  Speakersystem Fredericia Teater Fredericia Denmark  
  Speakersystem Dr. Dantes Avenue Frederiksberg Denmark  
  Speakersystem / Sound designs Gladsaxe Teater Gladsaxe Denmark  
  Speakersystem Gellerup Scenen Brabrand Denmark  
  Speakersystem Drammen Teater Drammen Norway  
  Speakersystem Agder Teater Kristiansand Norway  
  Speakersystem Rogaland Teater Stavanger Norway  
  Speakersystem Kotku City Theatre Kotku Finland  
  Speakersystem Turku City Theatre Turku - Åbo Finland  
  Speakersystem Tampere City Theatre Tampere Finland  

Opera Houses

  Job subject: Place: City: Country:  
  Speakersystem Kungliga Operan Stockholm Sweden  
  Speakersystem Operan Helsinki Finland  

Concert Halls

  Job subject: Place: City: Country:  
  Speakersystem DR's Studie 1 Frederiksberg Denmark  
  Speakersystem Carl Nielsen Salen Odense Denmark  
  Speakersystem Pop Jazz konservatoriet Helsinki Finland  
  Speakersystem Finlandia Salen Helsinki Finland  

Conference Rooms

  Job subject: Place: City: Country:  
  Speakersystem Ecco Center Tønder Denmark  
  Speakersystem Bella Center København Denmark  
  Speakersystem Moltkes Palæ København Denmark  
  Speakersystem Scandinavian Center Århus Denmark  
  Acoustics XyCon Rental Systems Greve Strand Denmark  
  Speakersystem Clarion Hotel Stavanger Norway  

Educational Institutions

  Job subject: Place: City: Country:  
  Speakersystem / Acoustics Vestjysk Musik Konservatorium Esbjerg Denmark  
  Speakersystem Rybners Gymnassium
(Esbjerg Statsskole)
Esbjerg Denmark  
  Acoustics Glostrup Produktionshøjskole Glostrup Denmark  
  Acoustics Hald Ege Efterskole Viborg Denmark  

Café / Restaurant

  Job subject: Place: City: Country:  
  Acoustics Lolas Cafe København Denmark  


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