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About Barth - and their Acoustic Systems
...An innovative brand with excellent tools for distributing sound

Barth's key philosophy is that sound shall only be distributed to the areas where the listeners are.

What is Barth Acoustic Systems?

In March 2010, the Barth Acoustic GmbH was founded in Nürtingen, Germany.

Today, Helmut Barth is providing his ideas and knowledge to the development of loudspeakers under the brand "Barth Acoustic Systems" with currently three patent applications.

Our strength: Innovative technology

Barth Acoustic Systems build also cardioid loudspeaker systems.

Barth develop and manufacture unique loudspeakers and acoustic systems, which clearly differ from conventional designs due to their own innovative technologies.

The cardioid technology (patent applied for), developed in their laboratory, can be a problem-solving solution for demanding or problematic acoustic situations in churches, halls or modern buildings.

With its distinctive directivity, interfering reflections are minimized and outstanding reproduction of speech and music is achieved.

What is a cardioid loudspeaker?

For decades, directional microphones have been vital to professional audio technology. So why shouldn't the concept be used for loudspeakers as well?

Loudspeakers are basically sound transducers like microphones. While the directivity characteristics are valid for the complete frequency spectrum in case of microphones, the directivity character of most loudspeakers is limited to the high frequencies and partially to the mid-range.

Even though several steps had been taken in this direction, most concepts so far had severe disadvantages, which could not be solved but only be shifted with negative consequences for the overall sound quality.

The new technology by Helmut Barth, for which patent has been applied for, solves the problem within a broad frequency spectrum in a simple and successful way.

Speech and music are delivered more focused and clearly defined, the overall audio quality is raised.

The history of Helmuth Barth

In 1984, Helmut Barth founded "wsb elektronik" (Wagner, Schmidt, Barth: HiFi-, cinema-, PA- and church loudspeaker systems), which introduced the "Fohhn" brand to the market.

Later, the company evolved to "Fohhn Studiotechnik" and finally "Fohhn Lautsprecher + Tontechnik" located in Nürtingen, Germany, with Helmut Barth being on the board of directors until 2005 and having significantly developed their acoustic products from the beginning.

Export and where

Loudspeakers developed by Helmut Barth are in use world wide.

Not only are they exported to the surrounding European countries, but also to destinations like Dubai, India, Russia and New Zealand ... and now also to the scandinavian countries by Audioexperts, located in Denmark.

Germany, the home market

Since March 2010, Barth Acoustic is closely cooperating with the knowledgeable and well-established distribution partner Laauser & Vohl GmbH of Ostfildern, Germany.

Technology developed by Barth solves the problem within a broad frequency spectrum

Barth Acoustic Systems cardioid loudspeaker systems are marked with this symbol.

Barth loudspeakers delivers good sound to ears

Barth delivers complete sound systems all over the world

Good sound is distributed to the areas, where the listeners are.

Barth sound is distributed to the proper areas
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