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About Baldwin Boxall

The CARE Family - Voice evacuation systems

The concept of disabled refuge areas and emergency voice communication (often referred to as EVC) systems was introduced when BS5588-8 was published in 1999 and BS5839-9 in 2003 Baldwin Boxall was quick off the mark and developed its CommuniCare system in 2001.

This system, believed to be the first of its kind on the market, fast became popular. Close behind CommuniCare came the introduction of FireCare fire telephone system.

Followed by AssureCare (emergency call point) and CommuniCare Advance (an advance version of CommuniCare with outstations that included Braille, induction loop and raised luminescent text). These four systems sold in large numbers and there are many still in use today.

The British Standard BS9999 (Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings) was introduced in 2008 (superseding BS5588) which, among other things, recited the need for disabled refuge areas and fire telephone systems.

Over the years, the demand for CARE systems increased and many sites opted to install more than one type, i.e. they had a requirement for a disabled refuge system as well as for fire telephones. This involved the need for two sets of wiring, two control panels (more if the systems required networking) and independent installation commissioning processes. Clearly, something needed to be done.

The first system of its kind OmniCare was developed by Baldwin Boxall in 2008. With OmniCare installers were able to install a single system which included all types of emergency voice communication.

However, Baldwin Boxall did not stop there. They introduced new styles of outstation to the range: green emergency (steward) telephones; a combined fire telephone and disabled refuge outstation; and even the ability to connect disabled toilet alarms. As with its predecessors, OmniCare remained a loop-wired concept.

In 2011 BS5839-9 was updated and Baldwin Boxall quickly made the necessary adjustments to the OmniCare system. One of the most noticeable changes by customers was the fact that a disabled refuge remote needed to be green in colour (OmniCare formerly being red). In order to comply to the new Standard, green signage was supplied with the red remotes and a new green version introduced.

OmniCare is as popular as ever and in constant production at the companys factory in East Sussex. Never wanting to stand still however, the R&D team at Baldwin Boxall has developed CARE2. Introducing a new method of control (rotary encoder), the new system has just hit the shelves and is now available to order.

CARE2 is radial wired and features a bright clear LCD with a rolling display. The user simply scrolls through the menu and pushes the encoder to make the relevant selection. Easy to install and use, CARE2 (in common with OmniCare) has the ability to include a variety of outstations from one console. Outstation options for the CARE2 include disabled refuge, fire telephone, emergency (steward) telephone and roaming telephone handsets (and jack sockets) with disabled toilet alarm soon to be added.

Baldwin Boxall still has the occasional request for additional outstations or unit spares for the original four CARE systems, which they continue to support and will do so for as long as is practical. The introduction of CARE2 is seen as providing an additional option to installers and will be manufactured alongside their OmniCare system.

Baldwin Boxall was established in 1982 and has remained an independent organisation since formation. It is fully committed to meet, and regularly exceeds, its customers requirements and serves as the benchmark for the industry sector.

Core products include the manufacture of voice evacuation / voice alarm (VACIE), fire fighters telephones, disabled refuge and public address systems.

The companys professional aptitude towards quality and service is unsurpassed. This, coupled with its stability and reliable product portfolio, ensures that by choosing a Baldwin Boxall system you can install with confidence.

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