Audioexperts offers Inspi Control for digital scene management at theaters
InspiControl manages various theater features such as intercom, cameras, calls and the scene.
InspiControl from German digitech is installed on the renowned Komische Oper Berlin.
Inspi Control gives you a digital and solid management of theater scenes
Great sounding music room and recording studio for Salling Efterskole (danish college)
Acoustic treatment with acoustic panels from Jocavi


Voice Evacuation Systems from Baldwin Boxall




InspiControl digital scene management is now offered and set up Audioexperts.

InspiControl is implemented digitally in all areas, and offers great benefits in the management of scenes.

Smart digital management system to the director's controlling work at theater scenes
New great sound in music rooms and recording studio

Audioexperts has developed, projected and installed the following music equipment at Salling Efterskole (danish college).

Design and development of identically acoustic control and treatment in all 3 music rooms.
Installation and sound regulation of the complete 48-track HD recording system and Roland Monitor system in all music room.

See below a small sample of the solution's scope.
Complete recording studio for Salling Efterskole
Distribution of Baldwin Boxall

Audioexperts has been chosen to distribute the high quality and advanced voice evacuation systems from the Baldwin Boxall.

Her you can read more about Baldwin Boxall

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InspiControl to scene management
Music rooms and recording studio
Distribution of Baldwin Boxall
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