Reduce noises with panels in for example offices to improve the sound of voices
Noise reduction can increase efficiency in practically all production environments
Noise absorption is a better way to create higher efficiency in many offices

Noise absorbtion

No employee shall be harmed or be bothered because of noise

Noise is a subjective judgement of sounds which is unwanted / unpleasant.
For some, certain music is noise, for the craftsman the sound of the drills way of cutting through material necessary to value the quality of the work done.

Every company should have an noise objective for judgement of the sound which is characterized as unwanted, for this to be absorbed / damped, in order to optimize the work environment.
Because what is commonly understood as noise, can cause fatigue, un-concentration and in worst case illness.

This apply, no matter of it is in offices, production facility, educational facility, day care or music performance halls.

Are your place of work fullfilling the requirements?

There is 4 categories for which noise levels who can be accepted:

  Noise Classification: Noise Conditions: Max. noise level:
  Category 1 Industry with noisy machinery 75-85 dB-A
  Category 2 Industry with out noisy machinery 60-70 dB-A
  Category 3 Attentively and uninterrupted conversation 45-55 dB-A
  Category 4 No disturbing noise 35-45 dB-A

Noise and Noise reflektions

All noise is sound energy, which will be amplified by reflections, from the surrounding surfaces, depending of the material, size and mutual placement.

If this energy is neither screened nor damped, it will unhindered be distributed, and amplified from each reflective surface.

A sound source which creates an own sound with a level of 55 dB-SPL will with added reflections increase to up to 77 dB-SPL of diffuse sound. The reflections contribute with an amplification up to 10 times the original sound.

Hard and smooth surfaces has almost no sound absorption, and the commonly used mineral wool, packed in plastic, has also a very limited and unpredicted effect.

There is also a very big difference in which frequency's there needs to damped, depending on the room measures and interior. Also placement of the absorbing materials are important, in order to maintain the best efficiency.

AudioExperts use EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) for computer calculation of room acoustics, and Room-Tools measurement system to measure sound / noise source direct radiation.


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