Barth loudspeakers

We create sound solutions for restaurants

Barth loudspeakers

With complete sound solutions it will be easier to communicate in an auditorium

Barth loudspeakers

Our solutions offered to the industry will create a better work environment


Line of business

Every company have individual situations

Dependent on the line of business, it be churches, industry and schools, all has an individual understanding of what they define as noise, racket and sound.

With this module we will aim at using the expressions and solutions, that in Your line of work will be familiar.

Search for products for your company

In the additional modules we will also only present the solutions and products there are of relevance for your line of business. If You on the contrary, do not find a solution to the exact problem of Yours, we recommend You to contact us anyway, and we will then either find a solution or forward You to some from our network who can.

The solutions and products delivered by Audioexperts are in correlation with environmental and quality standards and fulfill all legal requirements.

Acoustics and soundsystems are a connected whole

The concept of Audioexperts is based on our complete view on the interaction between acoustics and the sound sources used. And the identical concept are also used when we alter the acoustic of a hall with ex. noisy machinery as the sound source.

Only this way a high quality solution and a optimized sound environment can be ensured.


The Line of Business

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