Good and complete sound is essential in everybody's life
Loudspeaker systems delivers the right sound and information to the right people


Complete sound solutions

Since the disturbances of the genuine sound can be caused by both the room acoustics and the loudspeaker system, it is essential to look upon the sound experience as a connected whole.

AudioExperts do address all the difficulties around the sound and noise experience as a whole, and we offer complete solutions with both sound systems and acoustic treatment.

Quality is our aim...for better communication perception.

Why sound is important

We communicate with the use of sound and spoken words and we perceive our surrounding world by our senses, amongst this are the hearing, which provide our brain with remote information of awareness, attention, danger, and threats.

And we use the hearing to sense emotions in our social surrounding, the nature and when listening to music.
All the sound that we do not find natural or correct will engage parts of our brain, with weariness result.


The human being has 5 basic physiologic senses, with which we perceive our surroundings. These are:

  · Taste sense
  · Smell sense
  · Sight sense
  · Sensory sense
  · Hearing sense


The hearing sense is the sense which make human beings able to receive and adopt the vibrations in the air, and by the brain interpret these to meaningful content. We do not only perceive these vibrations / oscillations by the use of our ear, but make use of our complete body to receive the vibrations.
The human being can perceive vibrations within the frequency range of app. 20 to 20.000 oscillations per second (Hertz).

By our ability to hear, we do not only register the oscillations, but our brains interpretation also are able to detect if the sound are natural and genuine, without using any other senses to proof the perceived sound.


Perception of sound consists of interpretation and adaption of sense data, with base in the oscillations level and time data.

From these sense data our brain differentiate and localize the origin of the sound source.
The sound or oscillations can be amplified, distorted or coloured by reflections from floors, walls, ceilings or other objects in the room.
The influence of this alteration of the genuine vibrations, can be seriously annoying, and will complicate the interpretation for our brain in order to understand the original vibrations. This can cause irritation, frustration, tiredness and cause reduction in of power of concentration.


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