Barth loudspeakers

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We are happy to be able to contribute with more than 30 years experience of solutions, calculations and simulations, in the aim of addressing the exact functionality.

Trendy product or quality solution?

Guidance is an essential product of Audioexperts. Almost all who purchase, use and experience the quality of the acoustic or a soundsystem, has relatively minor knowledge of the quality of the products used and their actual functionality.

And there are a lot of believers in this or that issue, picked up from marketing promotion and / or rumors between people in the business. Market hype also confuse the understanding of the important subjects.

The right tool for the job

By continuously participation on the most important international tradeshows, we keep updated on the development in the business.

We are outmost concerned of every detail, from the users abillity to use the equipment to the ratio of quality versus cost price and lifetime for the the suggested solution.

An offer on a solution from Audioexperts contains not only the products listed, but also a massive knowledge on suitabillity for solving the task.


Audioexperts always provide full documentation on installations, as handbook for the users as well as abillity for third party service.

The Line of Business

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