Acoustic treatment creates better sound

  Basic resonant wave

  Resonant wave's harmonic

  Echo effect from side to side

  Fast echo effect from side to side

  Resonant wave in the corners

Active Field Control fra Yamaha
With AFC3 the reverberation time of the hall can be extended.

AFC3 can also be used for speech distribution in a board room or larger meeting rooms.

Illustration of the effect of AFC3


Audioexperts can project, configure and deliver the acoustic panels, sound walls and evaluate your rooms for acoustic treatment. Contact us for an acoustic survey.

Why rooms need acoustic treatment

Most audition areas do tend to be rectangular with parallel walls and large flat surfaces, since this is the easiest and most usual way of constructing buildings.

Besides, the choice of covering materials for the rooms' interior does not usually get much attention either.

This is the least favorable way of creating a space for music audition or recording: parallel walls and flat ceilings create echo-waves and stationary resonant frequencies, with several harmonics, that actually alter and distort the sound reproduced by the sources, thus creating like a "trash sound" that disturbs and hampers audio perception.

Why change is wanted

To listen or work under these conditions may become a gruelling work and a daunting task that electro-acoustics will never solve.

In order to create a room with good acoustics, space modulation and all its covering materials must be enhanced.

Get rid of the resonant sound

In a simple model, you will look upon the reverberation time (RT-60) as being the time a sound impulse will need to decay in a room (drop with 60 dB or 64 times less energy than the sound's original level).

The reverberation in a room is linked to the room volume and the interior materials, ability to absorb the energy.
However a room with short reverberation time, can have other acoustical errors.

A little guide for typical reverberation time for design targets.

  Activity: Function: RT-60 / Reverberation time in seconds.
  Speech only Council chambers, Law courts, Meeting rooms, Educational rooms 0,60 - 1,20
  Trained Speakers Theatre, Stand-Up, Musical theatre 1,00 - 1,40
  Reproduced Sound Cinemas, Discotheque, Restaurants 0,80 - 1,20
  Multi purpose School halls, Community Halls, Multi purpose halls, Museums 1,00 - 1,50
  Opera Concert halls, Opera theatre 1,00 - 1,60
  Solo acoustic instrument Salons, Recital halls, Churches 1,20 - 1,60
  Acoustic Orchestra music Concert halls 1,60 - 2,20
  Rhythmic Orchestra music Live music venues, Rhythmic music halls 0,60 - 0,80
  Organ and Choir music Concert Halls, Churches 2,00 - 4,00
  Speech recording Broadcast studio, Recording studio 0,25 - 0,35
  Speech recording TV-studio 0,60 - 0,70


The Line of Business

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  Meeting room

  Live music venues
  Multifunctional halls

  Class rooms
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