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Audioexperts offers the very smart InspiControl
Audioexperts now offers sale and setup of digital scene management from the german company digitech

InspiControl is director management of theater features, intercom, cameras, calls, and the scene. Newly installed on the renowned Komische Oper Berlin.
Music room and recording studio with excellent sound
Read more about the music rooms og studio

This is one of our latest projects and installations in order to create better sound.
Audioexperts offers voice evacuation systems


Audioexperts guides you to a better sound

We are experts in configuring sound, acoustics, creating noise absorption and delivering voice evacuation systems.

Quality is our goal ... for better sound reproduction and communication.

Audioexperts sells, configures, designs and installs complete audio systems with everything from cables, microphones, mixers and loudspeakers.

Through needs analysis we find our customers' real needs and demands. Upon this we define both the customers and their users demands regarding the functionality and quality of the right audio system.

We have worked with audio for 30 years and we know how important it is that sound in every room and environment are as accurate as possible.

When sounds and noise adapted and reduced, so the sound of everything has just the right level in a given space, it becomes for anyone nice to be in this room, and whether the activities in space is about communication, production, or dissemination of speech and music, so these activities will be implemented with greater efficiency when just the sound is perfect.

Sound and sound character is influenced by diverse factors, and it is therefore essential to any solution in audio, acoustics, noise reduction and sound systems that sound and sound experience is considered as a unit.

The complex task of perceiving and evaluating everything about sound as a whole is Audioexperts strength, and it is from this starting point, we offer complete solution to both the sound system and acoustic control.

Why sound is important

We communicate with the use of sound and spoken words and we perceive our surrounding world by our senses, amongst this are the hearing, which provide our brain with remote information of awareness, attention, danger, and threats.

And we use the hearing to sense emotions in our social surrounding, the nature and when listening to music.

All the sound that we do not find natural or correct will engage parts of our brain, with weariness result.

Acoustic treatment creates much better sound in any room
Noise absorption improves human efficiency
Loudspeaker systems for any room
Effective voice evacuation systems

You can soon read more her about voice evacuation systems

Audioexperts delivers good sound to all lines of business
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